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  • Beach and palm trees
  • Fields of lavenders
  • Fields of lavenders
  • Trompe-l'œil folder 1
  • Beach and palm trees

Are you tired of the boring garden wall? What can you do about that? You can drastically change the view of those gray bricks or boards by using a garden canvas. First you will look at a field of lavenders, then cows in the pasture and next a winding alley somewhere in Tuscany.


Thanks for the voucher the canvas we received was wonderful thanks Alec

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11 Advantages gardencanvas.co.uk

A garden canvas with a wooden frame is available up to 5 meter wide/high and 170 cm high/wide

The garden canvases on a wooden frame come with a unique and invisible hanging system, invented by us. The garden canvases are attached in a specific way so that only the canvas is visible.

The wooden frames are made of seasoned wood, specially selected by us. We do not use stretcher bars because this is not the correct material for outside usage.

Garden canvas with stainless steel suspension eyelets are available up till 10 meter wide and 4 meter high

100 % available made-to-measure ("cm" accuracy)

Weather resistant and 3 year colour guarantee!

Washable and easy to clean.

Choose from more than 4500 photos. Also, you can select a specific part of a photo!

100% quality control, all supplied photos will be checked for suitability!

We can manufacturer your "own photo as a garden canvas".

The thickness of the frame will be adjusted to the size of the garden canvas!

8 hanging systems at Gardencanvas.co.uk
As seen at

Wooden frame

We supply our Garden canvas stretched over a wooden frame with a unique hanging system, invented by us. The canvas is stretched in such a way that the hanging system is invisible.

- solid wooden frame
- invisible hanging system
- available made-to-measure
- maximum width or height is 1,7 metres x 5 metres

Stainless steel eyelets

Garden canvas supplied with stainless steel eyelets on all sides. The canvas is easy to attach by using elastics or screws. Available up till 10 metres wide and 4 metres high or vice versa!

With tulle

For this hanging system the Garden canvas is supplied with Tulle on both sides. You can fasten the canvas to the wall by fixing f.e. a round stick or batten.

Chrome hanging system

A garden canvas with a chrome hanging system together with chromed knobs is a cheaper alternative to the aluminium frame. The result is astonishing as well. With this hanging system, you can easily replace the canvas when you see fit.


Self adhesive

A self adhesive canvas can be attached to all kinds of smooth surfaces, painted surfaces, wood, glass, metal and plastic.

Maximum dimensions are 1,58m x 5m and vice versa. This self adhesive canvas is unique in England.

Only canvas

Our Garden canvases without any hanging system are available up till 10 metres wide and 4 metres high or vice versa!

- uv- and water resistant garden canvas
- available made-to-measure!
- available up till 10 metres wide or high
- you can create or invent your own hanging system

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About Gardencanvas.co.uk

Gardencanvas.co.uk was founded by Dtp Studio Schuurman in 2004. We were the first in the Netherlands to produce the garden canvases.

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