Garden canvas with tulle

  • uv- and water resistant garden canvas (3 year colour guarantee)
  • supplied with tulle on both sides. You can fasten the garden canvas to the wall by fixing a round stick or batten through the loop attached to the poster.
  • the system is available with centimetre accuracy

Explanation maximum sizes

  • The maximum width (side of the tulle) is 1000 cm (10 metres)
  • The maximum height is 400 cm (4 metres)

If you have anymore questions, please call us at 0114-3601747

(available with cm accuracy)

Available up till
10 meter X 4 meter

  • 3 years colour guarantee
  • Non reflecting cloth
  • Tested outside for 20 yrs!
  • Washable
  • Weatherproof

About was founded by Dtp Studio Schuurman in 2004. We were the first in the Netherlands to produce the garden canvases.

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